7  Ways To Detox

Over indulged at Christmas? Always feeling fatigued and sluggish? Looking for a way to get back to feeling healthy? Enter: detoxing.


When people think of detoxing they think of stripping back, getting hungry, eating strange and tasteless food and taking special medicines. Well, luckily for you detoxing isn’t all about going without and suffering.

Detoxing doesn’t need to last forever, either. Just one week can kick start processes in the body to get you feeling better though 10-14 days is recommended. There are many positive ways to detox that help nourish your brain as well as your body that require minimal effort or lengthy, confusing periods.

Why should you detox?

– Help prevent premature ageing

– Increase your energy

– Help prevent chronic disease

– Make you feel happier

– Boost your immune system function

– Lose weight

– Improve your skin quality

– Stop ‘brain fog’

– Restore balance to the mind and body

How do I detox?

Avoid all added sugars and artificial sweeteners

Cut out any potential allergens and intolerances – dairy, wheat, soy, eggs and gluten

Replace alcohol and highly caffeinated drinks with water, healthy smoothies and herbal teas

Eat more protein to reduce cravings and help balance blood sugar – palm sized portion per meal

Eat more fruits and vegetables from a wide variety of sources – boiled, mashed, stewed, roasted, pureed, in smoothies etc.

Increase your intake of healthy fats – nuts, seeds, avocados, olives, coconut, oily fish etc.

Meditate daily for 5-10 minutes to clear your mind and de stress

If you follow these simple 7 tips then you’ll back back to your good old self in no time. Remember, detoxing is all about cleansing your mind and your body so make sure to keep an eye on both. You should never compromise your mental health to look better in the mirror. Try to be a little healthier everyday and focus on moving one step forward to your health goal.

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