Around the age of twelve, I was captivated by the concept of herbal and natural medicine. During my lessons in English, I spent hours in the library reading books about nature, herbal and natural medicine.

Eager to learn more, I began educating myself about the healing power of plants and energy medicine. By the age of sixteen I had spent time with many people who lived and breathed Energy Medicine. I was lucky to live in the Island of Jersey where there was a community of people albeit older than me, had experience in this field.

This lead me to become more conscious of my own health and wellbeing and sparked my journey towards becoming a natural health practitioner.

The education I received has been from a full spectrum of learning. From energetic therapies like Reiki, diplomas in Phytobiophysics and Naturopathic Nutrition. I also hold a First Class Bachelor of Science Degree with honours in Clinical Herbal Medicine.

I am currently studying for a PGCHE in Adult Education as I believe education is key in delivering information to my patients so they can become independently healthy.

Throughout my education and career, I have gained expertise in a wide range of natural healing modalities. I strongly believe in the healing power of nature. I recognise the interconnectedness of all living
things and the importance that the natural world plays in promoting spiritual, emotional and physical well-being.

I trust that everyone has an innate ability to heal themselves and with my guidance I strive to help each patient to the best of my ability.

If you choose to work with me, you can expect a personalised and compassionate approach to healthcare. I will take time to understand your unique health history and concerns, and develop a custom treatment plan that addresses your specific goals. I believe in collaborative work, supporting my patients to take an active role in their own healthcare. Thank you for considering me as your natural health practitioner. I’m excited to partner with you on your journey towards optimal health and wellness.

John Way BSc (Hons), MCThA, MNIMH
The Wellness Practitioner/Medical Herbalist