Frequently Asked Questions

What is Food Sensitivity Screening?


Now you can be sure in just a few minutes—without any pain, discomfort or invasive testing—using the Asyra Pro Screening! Schedule a session with me today to finally understand your unique vitamin and mineral requirements as well as uncover food sensitivities, toxins and possible deficiency.


Stress and imbalance in your body from toxins and modern life act together like a domino effect on your organs and systems. That is why we can test specifically for:

IMBALANCES AND WEAKNESS IN ORGANS: Find out which organs are stressed and why.

NUTRITION NEEDS AND FOOD SENSITIVITIES: Identify sensitivities and deficiency.

ENVIRONMENTAL AND ALLERGEN SENSITIVITY: Find and fix deeper imbalances with imprinted homeopathic remedies.

TOXIC LOAD IN THE BODY: Monitor liver function and its ability to detoxify the body.

Don’t work harder on your health, work smarter to achieve a new level of healing and health!


Following the time-tested tradition of safe bio-energetic screening, you will hold two electrodes in your hands while the system monitors tiny changes in the electrical resistance of your skin. We compare your reading to a large database to build up a full picture of your body’s response, and find important clues for the healing process.

Your body runs on energy, this energy is read electronically by the Asyra Pro. Your energy pathways or meridians convey thousands of answers to the “questions” asked by the Asyra— similar to kinesiology, but much faster.

Plan 45 minutes to complete your screening, reading and in-depth consultation.

This screening provides the basis for a personalised nutritional consultation. You will leave your session armed with a plan specific to your body, and your needs, including:

  • Nutritional Supplements
  • Dietary changes
  • Energetic Remedies
  • Herbal Supplements


This really depends on the cause of your condition and how long it has been with you. We may need to work for 2 to 3 consultations over several months. However, one consultation is often just enough to get you feeling better. My opinion is that maintenance is better than cure; so once you are well, lets keep you well by having a quarterly check-in.

Come and experience a unique perspective and appreciation of your body; schedule online for a Asyra Pro Screening Test.

What is Live Blood Analysis?

A small drop of blood is collected from the fingertip and placed on a slide under a microscope. The sample is displayed on a large screen before the patient and analyst within seconds of collection, thus enabling the technician to perform analysis of the sample.

The blood cells therefore are still in their living state, hence the term ‘live blood’.

Dark field microscopy is used to screen the sample, producing a bright image on a dark background. The contrast creates excellent visual clarity, enabling the observation of many blood features. This is not only valuable in analysis, but has also been found to be beneficial to the patient through the motivation and active involvement in health assessment generated by visual cues. Using dark light microscopy to screen the sample has opened the doors to evaluation methods previously unavailable in this field.

Using this technology, the practitioner can clearly observe changes and variations in formation and behaviour of red and white blood cells, platelets and other cell structures.

These observations are necessary in screening for:

  • Sticky blood
  • White cell activity
  • Toxicity
  • Free radical activity
  • you have a lifestyle not well-suited to your body e.g overwork
  • your digestive system is not capable of absorbing enough from the foods you eat
  • you are seeking optimal performance

The instantaneous nature of this screening method allows patients to view their blood cells during the consultation, which can be a guide for further health management. Many patients have also reported that the real-time view of living blood cells is an exceptional motivator for taking higher levels of responsibility and personal involvement in their own health care, a fundamental premise of Integrative Medicine.

What is a Body Work Consultation?

Unlike most systems of structural therapy this was in fact devised to help the body eliminate toxicity. It is understood in the Phytobiophysics® method that the structural system is in fact pre-disposed to injury and abnormality when there is a blockage in the body’s ability to eliminate a toxin or transmit information efficiently and that by assisting with the body’s ability to eliminate/ transmit, that structural integrity will return to normal. Most systems of structural support emphasise merely the bio mechanistic and some to a lesser degree the nervous implications of abnormality, this approach does little more than treat the body as a machine and really only looks at the end result of abnormality rather than the cause. Of course there is some causal trauma which is purely physical and not toxic by nature and Podo-Rhacidian enables structural re-integration with this also. Thus with Podo-Rhacidian mobilisation therapy normal structural integrity becomes a side effect rather than its direct aim.

It is Cranio-Sacral only in the sense that it works on patterns the body creates that manifest structurally in the Cranium and equal opposite Sacrum. By working on these patterns through the Meridians and the Cranial nerves we can assist the body to eliminate toxins and enable a pattern of re-integration between the meridians, nerves and musculoskeletal system. The body will realign itself rapidly if this correct integration occurs, enabling improved function and reduced physical symptoms.

“In bio-mechanical approaches to health it is regarded that structure governs function, however the Podo-Rhacidian Mobilisation Therapy regards emotions to be the underlying cause of structural instability.”


There are a variety of PRM protocols.  Your practitioner will utilise the one most suited to your personal requirements. This will either involve a segmental i.e. Vertebral PRM, in which each vertebra is dealt with in turn or an integrated approach i.e. Cranial PRM, whereby the whole spine is dealt with via contact points on the cranium and sacrum/pelvis.

Simple and gentle analytical methods are employed to detect spinal or cranial lesions. These are then released through mobilisation of the fingers and toes. In this way, refexive physical tension that has been relayed from the spine along the nerve plexuses and held within the body, may be released. Not only is the treatment gentle and easy to perform, it is suitable for all ages.


PRM is an adjunctive therapy within the Phytobiophysics® system of healing. It has been used extensively over the last 20 years by many Phytobiophysics® practitioners and other primary health care professionals i.e. Acupuncturists, Applied Kinesiologists, Chiropractors and Osteopaths.


Body Work helps to balance the body’s innate self-healing mechanisms therefore its scope is wide. It has been used to aid in the treatment of many problems including, but not limited to the following:

  • Chronic fatigue
  • Lowered vitality
  • Recurrent infection
  • Sinus and tonsil problems
  • Reduced mobility
  • Chronic vertebral pain
  • Jaw TMJ problems
  • Pelvic misalignment
  • Headaches and migraines
  • Menstrual and menopausal problems
  • Emotional and mental stress
  • Nervous tension
  • Elimination of toxins / bacteria / heavy metal

What is Phytobiophysics?

Phytobiophysics is based on the theory that all living organisms vibrate with a natural frequency. These vibrations create energies that are stored in living plants and can be released again to help create balance and restore health. The Flower Formulas used in Phytobiophysics are created from natural plant extracts.

How does it work?
Our emotions play a big part in our physical health. If we have unresolved stress or emotional issues these can become trapped and cause long term health problems.
Essentially the Flower Formulas are collections of essences, made from living flowers and plants from all over the world. They are not accidental mixtures of flowers and over the course of years they have been refined to a point where each formula has been targeted to regulate conditions in a very accurate manner.
They allow the release of emotional blocks, allowing the body to balance on all levels and deal with the retained toxins which are the cause of many physical problems.

Will Phytobiophysics help me?
Phytobiophysics works to stabilise and restore health on all levels. They can release energy blocks, help the body to get rid of the toxins and poisons of modern-day living and to assimilate essential nutrients.
Phytobiophysics has been used to help people with
• Fatigue
• Hormone imbalances
• Skin problems
• Respiratory problems
• Stress related disorders
• Emotional trauma
• And many other conditions

What happens during a consultation?
We use EAV testing to determine any blockages with the meridians. A Galvanometer is used to test various acupuncture points against the Phytobiophysics test kits. The practitioner builds up a holistic health profile from the essences required to balance the meridians. This is performed by creating a circuit from the sole of the foot of the patient to a meridian point on the hands or feet.
The essences are then made up as formulas which the patient takes orally at regular intervals to stabilise the chi that runs through the meridians. This allows balance to the bodies energetic system and in turn allows the body to reestablish itself and begin the healing process.

Is Phytobiophysics safe?
Yes, Phytobiophysics is perfectly safe. The remedies are made from natural plant extracts. They are natural, free from chemicals, non-addictive, safe for babies and the elderly and everyone else in between.

What is Reiki?

Reiki is a gentle and very effective hands on healing technique with its ancient origins in Tibetan Buddhism.

Reiki is a simple, safe and yet most profoundly direct way of directing universal life force energy or ‘chi’.

A Reiki session brings calm clarity and stillness to your mind and equilibrium to your emotions and often a sense of re-connection to a deeper part of ourselves.

John has also had a lot of success in alleviating physical symptoms through Reiki sessions.
It boosts your body’s self healing pathways so it is used by many in a preventive fashion to stay in optimum health.

It is very successfully applied to enhance the effectiveness of other therapies including conventional healthcare.

After a short consultation you are invited to lay down on the massage table in a welcoming and very private treatment room. It is good to wear loose comfortable clothing to be as relaxed as possible. There will be gentle music playing, soothing oils burning, and a light blanket over you.

Through a special meditation technique John then attunes himself to Reiki and channels the Healing energy out through his hands. These are placed lightly on or over the various “energy centres” of your body and any particular areas of pain or discomfort.

The Reiki energy is often experienced by his clients as a tingling and/or heat sensation. Some people see colours, everybody feels nurtured and secure within a cocoon of deep relaxation.

Afterwards you will feel relaxed but energised with any aches and pains diminished.

Often a short course of treatments can seriously change your life!

What is Scenar Therapy?

The SCENAR (Self-Controlled EnergoNeuro Adaptive Regulation) was developed 30 years ago by scientists in the Russian space agency to meet their need for effective, fast, and flexible pain treatment on space missions.

SCENAR is now used routinely in hospitals, by medical professionals and top athletes, and is highly effective in the relief of any pain.

How does it work?

Scenar pain therapy directly stimulates the natural adaptive processes of the body and nervous system so that the body can heal itself. The software used in the Scenar imitates the nervous system’s own impulses and alters the output of the device every few milliseconds in response to your body’s reaction. In addition, the Scenar impulses stimulate the body’s “C-fibres”, which is the main component – about 85% – of nerves.

The stimulation the Scenar provides your nervous system causes the brain to release the body’s own internal pharmacy of bio-active compounds to the site of the pain. Included in this is a measured dose of neuropeptides, some of the most powerful pain relief agents the body produces, and widely regarded as one of the most powerful healing compounds. Within minutes the body has delivered sufficient natural chemicals to give powerful pain relief and to speed up the healing process.

Will it help me?

I have been treating acute and chronic pain with great success using Scenar therapy for years, and now run an open pain clinic. This treatment stimulates the nervous system, restarting the body’s natural healing responses.

If you are suffering from:

Neck/back pain
Aching joints
Sports injuries
Frozen shoulder
Broken bones
Post-operative recovery
Breathing difficulties
Stroke recovery

The SCENAR device is a small hand held device that looks a bit like a tv remote control. The therapist will place the SCENAR device on your body around the site of your pain and use it to stroke your skin. You will probably start to experience some tingling sensations but it should not be painful. You might feel your muscles contracting and relaxing. For some, the pain relief is instant and lasting but you may need more than one treatment to feel sustained relief from pain.

Is it safe and will it hurt?

Yes, the SCENAR device is safe and has been widely used all over the world. You might experience some tingling or prickling and even minor discomfort, but no pain.