A lot of questions fly into my inbox every single day.

Not just about my services, but about Naturopathy and natural medicine in general.

– What services do I offer?
– Why do I offer them?
– Why should you go the natural root?
– What can Naturopathy help with?
– Which services are best for me?

Each and every question is completely valid and often comes with a straight-forward, uncomplicated answer.

What is Food Sensitivity Screening?

Stress and imbalance in your body from toxins and modern life act together like a domino effect on your organs and systems.

Following the time-tested tradition of safe bio-energetic screening, you will hold two electrodes in your hands while the system monitors tiny changes in the electrical resistance of your skin. We compare your reading to a large database to build up a full picture of your body’s response, and find important clues for the healing process.

What is Live Blood Analysis?

A small drop of blood is collected from the fingertip and placed on a slide under a microscope. The sample is displayed on a large screen before you and I within seconds of collection, thus enabling me to perform analysis of the sample.The blood cells therefore are still in their living state, hence the term ‘live blood’. The instantaneous nature of this screening method allows patients to view their blood cells during the consultation, which can be a guide for further health management.

What is Phytobiophysics?

Our emotions play a big part in our physical health. If we have unresolved stress or emotional issues these can become trapped and cause long term health problems. Essentially, I will use Flower Formulas, which are collections of essences, made from living flowers and plants from all over the world. They are not accidental mixtures of flowers and over the course of years they have been refined to a point where each formula has been targeted to regulate conditions in a very accurate manner.

These are some of my most popular services, but you can check out my full range of services here, or you can straight away book in for a consultation.

Also, have you seen my new website? I’ve recently had a bt of a makeover, and if I do say so myself, I think it’s looking much nicer!

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Together, me and your loved one can work together to overcome any health problems they’re currently experiecing to make 2020 happier and healthier.

If you have any questions, then feel free to contact me and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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