Hello and welcome to Breathe Easy Week!

This week is all about bringing awareness to our breath, something we should all be thinking about more often.

Interestingly, did you know that your breath isn’t really made up of much oxygen. Air has only about 21% oxygen in it and our body only needs 5%! Around 80% of the air that we breathe is actually made of nitrogen!

Our breath is more than just a way to bring air in and out, it can be an anchor in times of stress and anxiety, a release from all our pent up anger, and a focus when things get tough.

Our breath is one of the most useful tools in our belt – and it costs absolutely nothing! No subscription fees, no hidden costs, and no upfront payments!

Unfortunately, not all breath is created equal. Polluted environments mean we bring in more bad stuff than we’d like, and stressful breaths can mean we end up more stressed opposed to relieved.

So, try to put yourself in a clean, natural environment as often as possible. As well as this, if you’re stressed, breathe in through your nose – this activates your sympathetic nervous system which helps to calm us down.

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