For those who have been following me whilst I’ve been in Hawaii you’ve probably begun to understand my passion for flowers and their health properties. When I visit different places I always like to take a few days to observe the environment and work out what species are growing in the place I’m visiting. More often then not the plants growing give me an idea to the health issues that country suffer from and the support the locals may need. Basically what I’m saying is mother nature has an amazing ability in providing what we need in the environment around us.

Sometimes (I think this trip is certainly one of them), I’m taken to a place where I need to collect some essences and do a little digging to find out what they are for and how they can help. I’m working with lots of immune issues in clinic and Hawaii seems to have some pretty amazing plants here that I’ve created some essences from to assist with further work and research when I get back to clinic.

As I have posted a fair amount of pictures of flowers over the last week I thought you might want to understand how to make your own essences. So here goes – I hope you enjoy!


How to Make Flower Essences

Making flower essences is a simple procedure; however, for a quality remedy a certain frame of mind, and attention to detail is required. Toxicity is never an an issue with flower essences. If you find yourself attracted to a certain flower, go ahead and make an essence with it. No molecular trace of the plant will be found in the finished essence.

Although flower essences do not demand any particular skill in order to make them, one definitely needs to be ready for this type of medicine making. An understanding and awareness of an intuitive/spiritual nature is absolutely necessary.

Materials Needed

– A small glass bowl, or a glass goblet, which should be used uniquely for essence making.
– Fresh spring, or mountain stream, water collected in a glass container where possible. It is great if you can get fresh, wild water that comes from near to where the flowers you are using grow. This is not always possible. So either collect spring water from somewhere else, or if all else fails, buy spring water in a bottle. DO NOT USE tap water, as it will be full of chlorine, fluoride etc.
– A funnel (a glass one if possible
– A dark glass bottle (50-125ml is a good size).
– Organic grain alcohol (at least 40%, such as vodka).


Before picking the flowers, use your intuition to feel whether or not you have their permission.
Flower essences are made on sunny days, as the sun’s rays shining through the flowers, help transmit the message (essence) to the water. This is known as solarisation.

1. Fill the bowl with spring water and put it in the sun, you can place it among the flowers the essence is being made from, or like I did on the balcony where they can get full sunlight. I like to make a sacred space where I allow my essences to take.

It is the vibrational imprint of the flowers that is going to be memorised by the water, not the vibrational imprint of the essence maker. In order to put the least possible of one’s own energy into the essence, consciously distance yourself from the action. By this, I mean, when collecting the flowers imagine you are just an instrument, try and remain neutral.

2. Gently drop the flowers onto the surface of the water. This is not an infusion so they do not need to be immersed. Cover the surface of the water with flowers.


3. Leave in the sun for at least two -to- three hours where there is no risk of shadows falling on the bowl.

4. Come back to the bowl, with a little observation you should see that the underside of the flowers have created bubbles, if this is the case the energy has transferred into the water and it’s time to bottle your essence.


5. With the help of a couple of twigs or leaves, or tweezer (so not to touch the water) remove the flowers from the bowl.

6. Using a glass funnel or jug, pour the water into the glass bottle until it is half full and then fill the remainder of the bottle to the top with alcohol.

7. Label and date your bottles – its so important as you will soon gather an amazing collection of essences.


This is then called “mother essence” or “mother tincture’’. It is from this bottle that the drops will be taken to make the “stock bottle.”


Once back inside, take seven or 8 drops from the mother tincture and put them into a bottle (20 ml. bottle). Fill the bottle with alcohol. This is the stock bottle. It is from this bottle that the medicine is then made.

Put one drop of the stock bottle into a 10ml dropper bottle, fill with 25% alcohol and the rest with spring water. Label the bottle. The essence is now ready for the client.


Depending on the reason why you are using the essence will depend on the dose of frequency.

Spiritual – 1 drop once a day
Mental – 1 drop twice a day
Emotional – 1 drop three times a day
Physical – 1 drop four or more times a day

It is important to do a little research into the essence you have made and work out why you were drawn to it in the first place as this will help you to work out the correct dose. If the essence is supporting an emotional issue then you would take it 1 drop, 3 times a day, however if it was for a broken bone or sometime physical then this dose would increase to 1 drop four or more times a day and so on.

Many people carry the small dropper bottle with them at first and take the essences regularly. When they start to forget, it is usually because the essence has done its job, and there is less need for it. However, as their action is subtle, I do try and encourage clients to take essences for at least twenty-one days, and depending on the issues being dealt with, for up to three months.

It is possible to blend essences, and each practitioner has his/her own techniques. I would advise not to blend any more than three at a time. Once things have started to shift, a change of essence can be helpful as the next emotional layer is revealed.

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