Immunity & Our Channels of Elimination

Something I like to work on with all my patients is ensuring their routes of elimination are working optimally. This includes supporting the bowels, the bladder, the lungs, the lymph and the skin. Perhaps most important to me, is to support the health of each individual cell that makes up every organ and therefore every overall health system in the body.

Cellular level support includes ensuring the natural day/night detoxification cycle of the cells is happening correctly. As over every single 24 hour period, the cell conditions change, starting with sodium and calcium entering the cell in the day and during the evening as night falls, potassium and magnesium entering the cell. This then displaces sodium and calcium from the cell, causing a sleepy effect on the body.

All of this reaffirms why we need to stay in-line (as much as realistically possible) with the natural circadian rhythm (sleeping at night when it is dark and being awake in the day), as it all helps to ensure the minerals that need to enter and leave our cells at the right times, can do so with ease.

By doing so, the excretion of harmful toxins that occur and are accumulated from normal daily living and functioning within the cells can also be cleared correctly from the body through the various elimination routes. Thereby living in this way, according to natures natural cycles and paying attention to the 24-hour elimination cycle of the cells, can greatly enhance immunity by ensuring the body is not overwhelmed (and playing catch up) when doing its job.

Immunity & Nutritional Deficiencies

What also plays a big part in ensuring healthy cells, and a healthy immune system is ensuring there are no nutritional deficiencies.

There are many studies available that demonstrate using supplements as one way to support a patients health goals, and that in doing so can also go on to positively improve the immune system and therefore lower a persons risk of infection.

These methods, when carried out by trained professions, have the ability to even go on to speed up recovery during a period of illness. Much of the research available has discovered the biggest benefits when using supplements is to patients who had documented nutritional deficiencies, to begin with.

This is why I always include assessing my patient’s diet into all consultations and working towards filling the gaps with added nutrients from food as much as possible and supplements where needed.

 During the current health crisis I recommend the following nutrients to be taken daily right now to help boost overall health and immunity and to meet the extra needs that the body will have. As when we are facing periods of stress our body uses more nutrients than usual.

  1. Selenium – Available in my store now
  2. Vitamin A – Available in my store now
  3. Vitamin C – Available in my store now
  4. Vitamin D – Available in my store now
  5. Vitamin E – Available in my store now
  6. Zinc – Available in my store now

All of the above vitamins and minerals are shown to help support the body’s overall health and immune function, and you can learn more about this by clicking on each individual name to be taken to a study that supports and demonstrates the benefits to health.

I have also crafted a Winter Defence Formula that uses supportive herbs and mushrooms to help support the body’s defences including supporting the immune system and lymphatic system that work together in synergy. The herbs and mushrooms I find best for immune and respiratory system support are the following:

  • Astragalus
  • Echinacea

  • Siberian ginseng

  • Reishi mushroom

  • Liquorice root

  • Hyssop

  • Elecampane root

  • Thyme

  • Lime flowers

The herbs listed above are included in my Winter Defence Formula. This tincture is available in my online shop at the price of £19.99 for a 200ml bottle. The recommended dosage is 5ml twice a day in a little water.

All of the products above can be bought individually from my online shop for you personally and can also be bought and gifted for friends and family that can be posted directly to their door or collection arranged from my clinic.

Stay home. Stay well.
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