Did you know that skin is the largest organ in the body occupying nearly 18.5 square feet in the body? Skin also makes up about 16% of our body weight.

Skin has some pretty important functions such as protection, temperature regulation, regulation of endocrine system functions, and immune system function. Without the skin, microorganisms would be able to invade the body every opportunity they had. The skin works to kill off microorganisms and works with the body’s immune system to fight them off. The skin is truly our bodies first level of defence.

Skin health is essential to overall health, and changes in skin can actually reveal a lot about your overall health. Changes in skin can indicate anything from an allergic condition from foods or toxins to a viral infection, an autoimmune disease, or even skin cancer. It’s very important to pay close attention to the health of your skin and to take the proper measures to boost skin health every day.

If you take great care of your skin, you will be less likely to develop disease related to poor skin health and can even delay the natural aging process of skin!

Here are 3 tips on how to protect your skin

Tip #1: Eat a Healthy Diet   

Believe it or not, diet plays a huge part in skin health. A healthy diet will not only help you to feel your best, but it will help you look your best as well! Focus on antioxidant-rich fruits and veggies and healthy fats in things like fish and nuts to help give your skin a boost. Hydrating vegetables such as cucumbers and celery are also excellent for keeping your skin hydrated especially during the colder seasons.

Tip #2: Manage Stress

As it turns out, stress plays a part in nearly every aspect of health, including your skin. Uncontrolled stress may link to skin breakouts as well as other skin problems. Make time for things that you enjoy and take time to relax every single day. A small adjustment in your stress levels may make a huge difference in the health of your skin.

Tip #3: Focus on Hydration    

A lack of water can lead to poor skin health quickly. Not only is dehydration harmful to your overall health, but it can also lead to dry and cracked skin and even clogged pores. Be sure to focus on getting at least 8 cups of water in per day for optimal hydration. This will help your entire body, not just your skin!

If you’re looking to boost your skin health, even more, try this week’s challenge!

For this week’s challenge, I encourage you to include some of these foods into your diet. These foods have been known to boost skin health as well as help protect the skin. Our skin is much more important than you may think. Being the largest organ in the body, it’s important to provide the skin with the foods it needs to thrive. Our skin is a massive protective organ, and without proper skin health, our other organs can suffer as well.

  • Blueberries
  • Wild caught salmon
  • Avocados
  • Sweet potatoes
  • Broccoli
  • Filtered water
  • Green tea

I also encourage you to take a look at your daily skin care products. Many of the products sold today contain toxic chemicals such as formaldehyde that can wreak havoc on health, cause hormonal disruptions, and contribute to skin conditions. Opt for cleaner more natural care products whenever possible.

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