In the colder months, one thing I really struggle with is drinking enough water. Yet water is so fundamental to life!

Water is important all year round for correct cell hydration, carrying nutrients and oxygen to your cells, aiding digestion, stabilising the heartbeat, cushioning joints and so many more important factors.

Not drinking enough water in winter may even increase a person’s chances of suffering from dry skin, something very common in the cooler months, which can be made worse by central heating. Here are some tips to help you increase your water intake at this time of the year:

1. Enjoy your water warm – Cold water can be too harsh for some people during the winter months and as a result quite off-putting, so instead get in the habit of drinking more hot drinks to increase water consumption. Whether that is herbal tea or simple warm water with some fresh lemon in – all can help you increase hydration levels.

2. Before coffee, water – It is important to set new regular intentions to help you get in the habit of drinking more water. A great place to start is to leave a bottle of water beside your bed so that the first thing you can drink is a glass of water before drinking your morning coffee. Which is often the first thing people drink in the morning, forgetting to drink water at all.

3. Drink alcohol, then water – As we get into December, alcohol can appear more frequently in the home and at friends houses. Whilst having a seasonal drink, another new habit to get into is to drink two glasses of water in between each alcoholic beverage. This will help you not only slow your drinks down but also help you feel better the next day.

4. Add fruit – One big reason people avoid water is due to the taste of it being so bland for some. So change things up by adding in some fresh fruit slices, such as raspberries, apple and lime to your water.

5. Include more soups – Soups are very popular in winter, and whether it is homemade or store-bought, the water content is high so it can definitely increase your water intake whilst also giving you a good dose of nutrients.

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