This year has been turbulent to say the least. If anything, it has taught us the importance of preparedness. As the human mind struggles with unexpected changes, especially those that have the power to be serious and traumatic. Which is why today’s end of year final blog is going to focus on 4 simple but very practical ways to ensure 2021 is a great year, no matter what it throws at you.

Step 1: To achieve a happy new year, means we must address our mindset and our expectations first. Focusing on how things are instead of how things should be can make a huge difference in ensuring you do not feel underwhelmed with your life. It might even help to write a list of how things are but also go one step further and highlight the points you feel you can realistically improve on as the year goes by so that by the end of 2021, you are left feeling accomplished. As we have all been reminded so many things are out of our control which can make our heads spin and panic increase, we do have to remind ourselves so many things are still within our control also, and it is these that we must focus our thoughts on.

Step 2: Instead of focusing on resolutions which can make you feel less than adequate and quite frankly depressed, why not try focusing on writing a list of what you have learned this year. Learning is an important part of the human experience and sitting down and reflecting on these lessons can help you also feel more positive about stepping into 2021. Journaling is just one common but very helpful way of noting these lessons down, and one way you could carry on practising this healthy habit daily or even weekly, as the year goes on.

Step 3: Due to the pandemic making many people feel isolated and alone, it seems wise to also make a list of 8 important people in your life right now. This idea is taken from Brenè Brown (who is an American professor, lecturer, author, and podcast host and who has one of the most viewed Ted talks of all times called ‘The Power of Vulnerability’). For this Brenè suggests choosing 8 people whose opinions matter most to you. Then, when it comes to other people, don’t spend time and precious energy worrying about their opinions (obviously do not be rude to them!) but only those on your list of 8. This can further help remind you of which relationships mattered most to you this year and can help remind you to keep nurturing those relationships so they can strengthen.

Step 4: Focus on joy promoting exercises in 2021. Joy promoting exercises could include; eating healthy but tasty food, finding a new hobby (maybe just regular walks on the beach!), volunteering with animals to even taking up painting or writing. Whatever feels good for you. Joy is an emotion that is proven to uplift the body and mind, so whatever brings you joy is bound to help you live a happy and healthier 2021, which is my wish for all of you reading this!

I also want to take the time to thank every one of my patients for their support this year. Nothing gives me greater joy than helping people to become independently healthy and happy.

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