Did you know that one Christmas meal can pack in nearly 3,000 calories? This is not even adding in the additional foods consumed that day! That is a massive amount of calories and it has a lot to do with the sugar, beverages, and sauces you commonly find at the holiday dinner table. A great way to make sure you don’t go anywhere near reaching 3,000 calories in one meal is to be mindful of what you are eating. Skip the dinner rolls and if you plan to enjoy a holiday cocktail, limit yourself to one. When it comes time for dessert if you do plan on enjoying a holiday treat, have a bite or two and then enjoy a cup of tea instead of overindulging. You will thank yourself the next day!

Since Christmas is just a few days away, I thought it would be fitting to continue with the healthy eating during the holiday’s theme. This week I am going to be sharing some very easy to implement steps for having a healthier Christmas so that you can start your New Year off on the right foot.

Tip #1: Swap Sugar with Natural Options

There are so many sugary treats during the holiday season. Instead of baking with cane sugar, try using pure maple syrup or raw honey for a healthier option.  

Tip #2: Treat Yourself to One Thing You Love      

The holidays are a time to spend with friends and family and to enjoy homemade meals together. Instead of feeling like you have to deprive yourself of all the rich and sugary foods, choose one thing you love and enjoy it. If you allow yourself to enjoy that favorite holiday treat you will be less likely to binge and feel deprived.

Tip #3: Drink Lots of Water                   

Thirst is often confused with hunger, and this can make things extra challenging when there are sweet treats everywhere you turn. Be sure to stay hydrated to help keep those sugar cravings at bay. Stick to water, but you can also enjoy herbal tea.

 For this week’s challenge, I challenge you to make at least 2 of the following food swaps this week:

  • Use pure maple syrup in baking instead of cane sugar
  • Enjoy a cup of herbal tea instead of that holiday cocktail
  • Try making a healthy holiday cookie using pitted Medjool dates instead of sugar
  • Use almond flour in place of wheat flour in your holiday baking

Recipe of the Week

A Healthy Holiday Hot Chocolate  


1 cup of coconut cream

1 Tbsp. raw unsweetened cocoa powder

1 Tbsp. pure maple syrup

¼ tsp. pure peppermint extract


  1. Add all of the ingredients to a stockpot over low/medium heat and whisk until completely warmed through.
  2. Enjoy right away.
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