I’d like to start by saying HAPPY NEW YEAR!

I know that 2019 wasn’t the easiest of years, but it’s over now.  2020 can be a fresh start – a chance to not only build on the progress that you’ve made, but let go of things that were weighing you down.

In reality, you don’t need to wait for the new year to start fresh. In fact, you can do that every single day. The moment you’re in is a gift – that’s why it’s called the present.

If you’re looking for some easy ways to kick your 2020 off right, then I’ve made a handy little list for you.

  1. Reduce your screen time
  2. Eat natural, whole foods
  3. Treat yourself as you’d treat a loved one
  4. Focus on your breathing at least once a day
  5. Stand with your back straight
  6. Smile, even when you don’t feel like it
  7. Remember that everything will be OK in the end
By implementing these 7 things, you’re all but guaranteed a positive change in your life.
I’d highly implore you to write a list of 10 changes you’d like to make in 2020, and 10 goals that you can achieve by June.  Once you have your 10 goals, break them down into checkpoints which you can tick off as the months go by to keep you motivated.

If you want some help along the way, then send me a message.

Anyway, I hope that you’re well and your 2020 has started with a bang. If it hasn’t, then that doesn’t mean anything. Only you have control over your future, and you have the power to make it a bright one.

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