Recently, I discussed Jeffrey Bland's concept of immune rejuvenation. Something that could help Long-COVID and other conditions that have the power to create altered immune system function, that also create similar long-term chronic symptoms.

What is an altered immune system/immune system dysfunction?

An altered immune system (sometimes referred to as chronic immune dysfunction) may in fact benefit from applied 'immune rejuvenation' versus the more common - 'immune support'.

I echo Jeffrey Bland's comments that it should be more than just managing symptoms when it comes to Long-COVID treatment options, and that it is important for us to consider how to use the emerging knowledge on immune rejuvenation to our benefit with these types of cases.

Why it is important to address chronic inflammation in Long-COVID

Resolving chronic inflammation is often a major part of the puzzle when treating Long-COVID symptoms, which also includes improving immune cell mitochondrial activity and remodelling the immune epigenome. Both of which play a role in ultimately resetting immune function. Together, health practitioners alike would benefit from banding together to constantly evolve this type of approach to ensure the best health outcomes for patients with Long-COVID, and similar conditions.

Practical ways to rejuvenate the immune system

More and more research is validating that lifestyle and dietary components are an important part of the immune rejuvenation process. Quercetin is one such dietary supplement that is a polyphenol phytonutrient that has also been found to trigger immune cell rejuvenation. There are other polyphenol phytonutrient-rich foods with similar benefits; grapes, cocoa, tea, rutin, and curcumin as a few examples. Quercetin has also been referenced in the Institute for Functional Medicine's COVID-19 treatment plan (of which Jeffrey Bland is a co-founder), where it is stated that it has antiviral properties also.

The key take-home message, from Jeffrey Bland's 2020 published paper that discusses this topic in great detail and that inspired this newsletter and post below, is that we are not as powerless or without options to conditions like Long-COVID, as it may appear.

Don't Suffer Alone With Long-COVID

If you were diagnosed with Covid-19 and are experiencing Long-COVID and would like some assistance from a holistic viewpoint, please send an email to me personally: We can then discuss your personal case, and create a personalised health and wellness plan to resolve the uncomfortable and long-lasting symptoms.

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