Who here likes the smell of lavender?


Well, there’s more to it than the smell. Some of you may use it to help you sleep, some of you may enjoy it in a tea, but do you know its full range of benefits?


From reducing anxiety to helping improve the health of your hair, lavender is an important herb for its varied and calming benefits.


Did you know?


Lavender is originally from Africa and the mountains of the Mediterranean. It’s come a long way to become a candle in your living room! Thankfully, now you can grow it at home or buy it relatively cheaply.


Also, we know lavender to predominantly be purple, but there are varieties that are yellow and pink.


Apart from its inviting smell, Lavender has a range of extensive benefits that are good for a variety of occasions.


Here are just some of the many ways in which it can help:


It can help you to fall asleep faster, for longer, and at a higher quality
It can help to relieve anxiety, helping you to feel more calm and comfortable
It may help to relieve pain
It can help to improve blood circulation
It can help to aid in digestion
 It can help to fight acne and improve skin health

Lavender’s name actually comes from the Latin verb ‘lavare’ meaning ‘to wash’ after it’s most common use. Lavender was an important part of self-care in Rome, being used in various bathing practices for its ability to clean and disinfect.

However, you can also find it as an oil or dried to be eaten as food. Each form has its different benefits and uses.


For example, the scent of lavender and therefore, items such as oils and candles, has a predominantly calming effect upon the body. Using a lavender spray just before bed can be a helpful way to relax the mind and body, inducing a calmer state for sleeping.


Consuming lavender, such as in a tea, can help with digestive issues such as bloating and sickness as well as producing a calming effect, making it effective after your last meal of the day.


What’s your favourite way to use lavender? Do you find it useful or are there other ways you know that have a better effect?

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