Live Blood Analysis sounds complicated (and it is), but for a patient, it’s actually quite straight forward.

Basically, I use it to observe live blood cells (only a tiny amount needs to be taken, don’t worry!) which means I can understand what’s going on in your veins, and why certain conditions may have arisen.

I’ll look at the size, shape, ratio, and structure of the cells to get a deep understanding of the sample, and in turn, your body.

Only those who are fully qualified can safely and effectively analyse blood cells as it’s a skill that needs to be trained and practised long before it can be applied to the real world. Thankfully, I have years of experience under my belt now, and have used it on a wide range of clients to work out the best strategy toward bringing them back to full health.

The blood is not dried beforehand, meaning that I can get a closer understanding to how it acts within your body. I’ll then compare how your blood is acting to how ‘normal’ blood has acted in clinical data, and see if it varies, and where that variation could be affecting you for better or for worse.

Once I gain insight into your blood, I’ll then be able to offer the correct treatement and tips to help you improve if not recover from your condition.

The advice can range from supplementation to exercise to dietary advice, but it will all be extremely valuable as I’ll have a deeper understanding due to the blood analysis. There’s a big reason behind why it’s one of my favourite go-to methods of diagnosis, and why so many of my patients show improvements so quickly afterwards.

If you want to really find out the ins and outs of your body, understand what affects it, and how to overcome issues you thought you couldn’t, then book in for a consultation.

If you have any questions, then feel free to contact me and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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