Did you know it’s massage at work week?

I’m sure a good massage at your desk wouldn’t be rejected by any worker, but for some reason work-place health is often neglected.

The average person spends 90,000 hours of their life at work which not only points to the necessity to enjoy your job, but also, the fact that you need to take care of yourself at these times.

Sitting down at a desk isn’t the best when it comes to our health nor our happiness. Because of it, we can often find ourselves hunching, aching, gaining wait, tired, and so much more.

Massage at work week may be pointed at one solution for employers to improve workplace health, but we should also take some responsibility for ourselves.

Simple tips such as stretching your legs every now and again, exercising outside of work, not snacking or bringing healthy snacks, getting good sleep opposed to relying on caffeine, and moving whenever possible can make a big difference.

This week I’m focused on helping those 90,000 hours feel more enjoyable and helping you to feel more comfortable and excited for work.

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