Summer is here in Jersey, which is why it was the perfect time to launch my Movement is Life Week last week! You may have already seen that I do focus on movement from time to time, but it is always mixed in with other health messages on nutrition and herbalism. So, this last week was dedicated solely to the many forms movement can take and the many benefits these forms can bring to our health.

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Exercise and massage are two forms of movement that are excellent for the body, that I will be focusing on.

Massage is important because it helps to increase a person’s range of movement in joints and muscles, helping people to exercise easier also. Improved circulation, reduction of stress hormones and improved skin tone are just some of the other benefits that may occur from having a massage.

Exercise is important because it may lower your chances of developing a chronic disease, can be helpful in managing a chronic disease that has already been diagnosed (such as type 2 diabetes), and may improve sleep, anxiety and depression, amongst many other benefits!

So, you can see that movement really is important for whole-body health and sure, nutrition and herbalism play an important role – but we also need movement! Movement is Life!

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