National Work Life Week was created to get employers and employees talking about their wellbeing in the work place. Often we can become so consumed with what we have to do at our desks that our health and wellness takes second place. This might be great for getting promotions, but it’s not good when it comes to our posture, bones, muscles, immune system, cardiovascular system, and mental health.

The event was created by Working Families as an initiative to highlight how much of an importance general wellbeing is in the work place and what employers need to be doing in order to support their staff.

Because we spend so much time behind a desk, we can develop severe posture imbalances that can affect our ability to move properly. Typing on a keyboard means that we spend much of our day with a hunched back and rounded shoulders which can develop into neck pain and shoulder issues.

As well as this, movement supports our immune system and mental wellbeing. Our bodies are not naturally supposed to be sedentary for such long periods of time. Movement and activity provides a huge number of benefits that we can easily miss out on with our head staring at a computer screen or rifling through paperwork.

The event isn’t just to highlight what more you can be doing as an employee, but what more you can be doing as an employer. Not only will providing ready access to activities make your employees happier, but it can reduce the days that they take off sick and also, improve their productivity. After all, a happier employee is a harder working employee.

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