To tie into the month of resolutions, this week is all obesity awareness, and it couldn’t be more important.

According to a study conducted by UCL (University College London), 48% of the population in Britain will be obese by 2045 if we don’t begin to act now. That’s almost half of the population now just overweight, but clinically obese!

For reference, obesity is dependent on your BMI (Body Mass Index) rating.

– 18.5 to 24.9: means you’re a healthy weight
– 25 to 29.9: means you’re overweight
– 30 to 39.9: means you’re obese
– 40 or above: means you’re severely obese

If you’re scoring 30 and above, then you’re putting yourself at risk of a number of very avoidable conditions including, but not restricted to:

– Type 2 diabetes
– Coronary heart disease
– Stroke
– Bowel, pancreatic, kidney, liver and stomach cancer.

This doesn’t factor in any of the psychological issues associated to obesity either, such as depression, anxiety, and low self-esteem as well as day-to-day problems such as breathlessness, abnormal sweating, and aches and pains. It can also reduce your life expectancy by 3 to 10 years with an estimated 1 in every 13 deaths in Europe being linked to Obesity!

So, what can you do about it? Eat a little healthier, and move a little more. Eat natural, whole foods from nature, cook for yourself opposed to buying pre-made meals, and reduce your intake of alcohol. In terms of movement, find and activity that raises your heart rate that you actually enjoy! 

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