As this is the last full week of October already we will be wrapping up our cancer prevention month with a topic on reducing your exposure to carcinogenic compounds.

Did you know that most canned and plastic containers contain a resin lining derived from BPA which has also been known to be found in baby bottles?

The problem with BPA is that is has been linked to certain cancers, fertility as well as behavioral issues in children. The risk is known to be even greater when exposed in the womb. Pregnant women, children, and adults should all be extremely cautious of their canned food intake and should avoid all plastic containers.

It’s also important to know that BPA can leach onto food especially when heated, and when scratched or worn. To prevent this either completely avoid plastic altogether or at least try to avoid heating anything in a plastic container, and to remove any old or scratched water bottles or containers.

The safest option is to choose glass containers and glass water bottles to limityour exposure.

If you are looking for some simple ways to reduce your exposure to cancer-causing compounds, here are three tips to get you started.

Tip #1: Create a Cleaner Atmosphere at Home

Believe it or not, chemicals can quickly accumulate in the home resulting in an increased risk of carcinogen exposure. For a few easy ways to reduce your exposure, remove your shoes at the door, vacuum with a HEPA filter, and use all natural household cleaners. Household cleaners can lead to a huge chemical exposure risk. Opt for greener and more natural products when cleaning your home.

Tip #2: Eliminate Plastic

More and more studies are showing the dangers of using plastic, and especially plastic containers you would typically place in the microwave. Studies have shown a link between plastic and breast cancer. Eliminate all plastic water bottles, and food storage containers and choose a glass option instead.

Tip #3: Be Cautious With Cooking Oils

Did you know that certain cooking oils are more likely to oxidize in the pan than others causing free radicals? Free radicals can increase your risk of developing cancer. To prevent this from happening stick to cooking with coconut oil. Coconut oil is not only super healthy for you, but this fat can withstand the heat at much higher temperatures than something like olive oil. This means there is a lower chance of oxidation in the pan you are cooking your food in.

If you’re looking for a way to really eliminate your carcinogenic compound exposure, I have a challenge for you this week!

For this week’s cancer prevention challenge, I challenge you to take a look at what’s inside of your beauty and grooming products. It’s hard to believe, but some of the products you may be using may contain carcinogenic compounds increasing your risk for cancer each time you use them. Some of these toxins are hormone disruptors and have been linked to certain cancers. I challenge you to look at the label on the back of each of your grooming products and check for the following toxins. There are of course many more toxins to watch out for, but I challenge you to remove the products that contain the following toxins from your grooming routine.

  • Parabens
  • Phthalates
  • Formaldehyde
  • Dibutyl
  • Diethylhexyl
  • Fragrance
  • Methylparaben

Replace the toxic grooming products with cleaner more natural products.

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