I can’t believe time has gone so quickly and that I am writing this as we move toward the end of April. I’ve been thinking of blogging, however, day-to-day events seem to take up my time and my blog posts have been a low priority on the to-do list.

It’s been six months since I started posting weekly topics. If I am honest I wasn’t looking forward to doing them. I don’t mind scrolling through Facebook and Instagram but I didn’t really want to be spending copious amounts of time creating daily posts. However, it’s getting better and once I’ve dedicated some time in my diary I seem to be able to get it done pretty quick. I’ve had a fair amount of positive feedback so I hope you are enjoying the information that I’m putting together. Like anything it’s work-in-progress, so any information you may wish to see come up, then please email me (don’t just comment) and I’ll be happy to address your ideas over the coming weeks.

It’s been a funny few months for me both at work and at home. I’m not the best over winter, I try to busy myself up with lots of yoga, cooking for friends and family and of course warm evenings with the animals in front of the fire. I really do get a spring in my step once the brighter days arrive.

The herbal pharmacy above the clinic is now in full swing. I’m almost fully stocked with individual herbs so I can make a really broad range of herbal formulas for patients. It’s been a little stressful with suppliers being out of stock of a lot of herbs. I’ve now got a good supply in stock and am in full swing of making up herbal preparations.

I came out my front door and took a look at my rather beautiful garden. I chuckled to myself as the beauty that it contains is truly magnificent. I know people take a look and think how unkept it is. However, I like this look as it’s not only a place for me but a place for all types of animals. It’s a haven of natural beauty without the need for chemicals or pesticides.

As I sat back after my last patient I just observed the insects and birds thriving. All the plants are coming into bloom, there are many wild flowers and herbs springing up from nowhere, simply a herbalists dream come true.

In many of Dr. Christopher’s lectures, he states that the medicine you require will always be found in your own backyard. What he really means is, for every ailment is a natural herbal remedy and you should use herbs from your own environment. Western herbs for westerners and Eastern herbs for the east.

Looking in my garden I currently have growing borage (Star Flower), Bottle Brush, Plantain, Thistle, Poppy, Red Campion, Pennywort, Marigold and many more.

It’s interesting as the herbs that have popped up over the years I can relate them to my own health, or other family members or friends close to me. Not only can we be supported by the physical herbal properties of a plant, we can also use the energetic resonance of a flower to support the energetic pathway of the body, mot importantly for emotional issues.

I’ll be collecting some new essences over the next few days to make sure my box of hedgerow essences are fully charged with the energy of 2017!

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