Whilst it may be sunny outside, that’s not always the case inside.

Our mind is a wonderful place full of lovely ideas, beautiful dreams, and caring thoughts. However, it can also be a minefield, and for some, that’s the case more often.

Because of this, the Samaritans have created Talk to Us: a campaign aimed at opening the discussion around mental health and opening ourselves up to those around us.

Mental health can be a real drag on our physical wellbeing, too. High levels of cortisol can wreak havoc on our digestion, cardiovascular health, and immune system. Let alone our perspective on the world and our self esteem. By focusing on our mental health, we can improve all factors of our wellbeing and make life that little bit more enjoyable.

Some easy ways to do this right away are to:

  • Maintain a healthy diet
  • Exercise at least 3 times per week for at least 45 minutes
  • Meditate
  • Become mindful
  • Sleep for 7-9 hours per night
  • Get into bed before midnight
  • Supplement for the missing areas in your diet
  • Talk to others about your problems

If you’re not already doing these things, the switch can seem daunting. However, take it slow and build yourself up. It may seem difficult, but in the long run, it’s worth it.

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