I’m currently in Hawaii having some down time with my kids, however my mind is never far from work!

If you ever go for a stomp with me you’ll understand how I tick. I’m often attracted to the oddest of plants, flowers or that little moss growing on in the oddest of places.

Yesterday I came across this beautiful flower. I was compelled to take a photo of it and thought I would research it in the morning.

I checked it out online this morning and after some digging I found out that its the Oleander shrub.

Basically it is totally poisonous in its whole form. However, just recently it has been used as the key ingredient added in the treatment of HIV!

I have been researching HIV (human immunodeficiency virus) over the last few months and how to support it from an energetic/nutritional medicine point of view.

I’ll obviously be making a mother tincture from this beautiful plant while I am here and will research it in greater depths when I am home.

It always fascinates me as to how we are drawn to things – don’t walk around with your eyes closed, but likewise follow your heart – it’s what guides you the most.

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