Did you know that our kidneys directly affect our blood pressure? They also help to balance the volume of fluid in the body. Our kidneys play a critical role in the urinary system as well as our overall health. You will want to take care of your kidneys! Here are some ways you can take care of your kidneys:

  • Drinking at least 8 glasses of water per day
  • Eating a healthy primarily plant-based diet
  • Eliminating processed and high sodium foods
  • Exercising regularly

The urinary system works to filter out any excess fluid as well as other substances from the bloodstream. These fluids and substances are filtered out through urine. The primary organs of this system are the kidneys. It’s very important to keep your kidneys in tip-top shape to support the health of your overall body. Here are some tips on keeping your urinary system healthy:

Tip #1: Stay Hydrated

To help your body eliminate excess fluid and substances, it’s important to stay hydrated. Be sure to drink water when you are thirsty and strive to get at least 8 (8 ounce) glasses of water in per day.

Tip #2: Cut Back on Caffeine 

Caffeine acts as a diuretic which will increase your need to use the bathroom. Try to limit your caffeine intake as best as you can.

Tip #3: Exercise Regularly            

Try to get 30 minutes of exercise in per day to help maintain a healthy weight which helps to reduce the strain on all of your body organs. Just be sure to stay hydrated during exercise.

For this week’s challenge, I challenge you to follow a kidney supporting diet by eliminating the foods that are known to put strain on your kidneys and in return your urinary system:


  • Artificial sweeteners
  • Soda
  • Caffeine
  • Excess protein intake
  • High sodium foods (Cold cuts, processed foods, frozen meals, canned foods)
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